May 28th 2015. 0 miles. Blog

So this is my last blog before the marathon. It was supposed to be accompanied by a run but too much work, too much rain, sports day and a primary 6 Victorian learning festival have put paid to that. I’m thinking you may well have seen enough of my ‘montages’ so please feel totally free to not watch this. It’s basically looking back at the blog itself – from a bit at the beginning talking about why I’m doing this, to a look back at all my guests and then some other highlights (?lowlights). And if you don’t get to…

May 25th 2015. 4.3 miles. Year

Quite difficult dragging myself out tonight after the exertions of yesterday. But a lovely evening for a run. Tonight’s video is a wee look back over my year of fundraising, now that it’s coming to an end. And what a lot of fun it has been. Much as I am looking forward to finishing (and maybe getting some sleep again) I’ll miss it. 6 days until the marathon…….

May 24th 2015. 3.1 miles. Party

It’s 7 days until the marathon. And what a great day. Jamie and Holly both got PBs at park run first thing (Holly also got her half marathon wristband). I then managed a quicky run before we hosted a last push fundraising party. And it was really great fun. Never have we made quite so many pizzas in one day…….. But I’ve been completely overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity – I think in one day, between online donations and money collected, we’ve raised in the region of £850. Massive massive thank you to everyone xx

May 20th 2015. 8.5 miles. Kids

It’s 11 days until the marathon…… I went up to the reservoir today for what was my last longish run before the big day. After all the running last week, I was quite tired and a bit achy everywhere by the end. I don’t have much left to say! Training virtually over. Just at the tapering stage now – only a few runs left to do and they’re all short 5-10km. So what I thought I’d do for my last few blogs was some reflecting over the last year. I tried to explain this on camera today but it was…

May 17th 2015. 6.2 miles. Women

Today was the Glasgow Womens’ 10K. I was a bit apprehensive as legs and knee still very tired/sore respectively from Wednesday’s longy. But I’ve been persevering with Hugh’s exercises and in fact really enjoyed the run. Knee was fine and I actually ran very fast (for me. Finished miles behind everyone I knew). Paul had the kids out to cheer at the end and I stopped to give them a kiss and a cuddle. And then finished in 1 hr and 8 seconds. Lol. But after this week I am now filled with much more optimism than this time last…

May 11th 2015. 0 miles. 425 000 exercises

Gosh. Have commenced my exercise plan from Hugh. I’m to do these exercises every day between now and the marathon. I started when I got home from work, and other than a quick break for tea, I’ve just finished them. It’s 9.45pm. Jamie and Holly showed some initial interest (Jamie more so) but then abandoned me. If nothing else, by the end of this hopefully my knees won’t hurt and my arse will be as hard as rock…….