May 6th 2015. 6.5 miles. Anniversary

It is almost a year to the day that Lindsay and I ran our first race in this year-long running challenge. We stayed overnight in Oban and got up at dawn to get on a very early 4-hour ferry journey to Tiree (our poor families on tow) to take part in the Tiree half marathon. It started and finished on the beach which was lovely scenery-wise but difficult to actually run on. I remember half way round thinking that I was unlikely to make it back alive, and wondering if they would ever find my body on the deserted moor we were running over. I also remember bursting into tears when I saw my family cheering me on with one mile to go.

While sitting reflecting on the year since, it strikes me that I don’t think any of the runs we’ve taken part in since have felt any easier (for me anyway). But weirdly it does get quite addictive, and looking back I have loved most of the experiences we have had. That said, while the knee continues to hold out, my body in general seems to be protesting. I am exhausted and struggled with my 6.5 miles today. I think I have roughly 1% physical and mental reserve left, and I know some of my marathon-training friends are in the same boat. It will be our long-suffering but marvellous friends and families shouting from the sides that will get us round this marathon I think.

Tiree half marathon after finishing May '14
Tiree half marathon after finishing May ’14

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  1. You’ll make it!! No one says you have to run all the way. We’ll be proud of you whatever your time. Hope the knee holds up though and let’s you enjoy all your hard work. Xx

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