May 4th 2015. 6.2 miles. Home

After a great weekend away with old friends, I now have to acknowledge that the marathon is this month. In fact it’s less than four weeks away. This is of grave concern for me, especially as I am yet to run further than 16 miles.

Went out this evening shortly after getting home. Such was my enthusiasm when I realised my knee seemed to be bearing up, I ran far too fast (for me – it would be everyone else’ warm up pace) and then had to stop and walk. I’m not sure the burger and chips and trio of puddings at lunchtime helped either. Or the weekend of prosecco drinking for that matter. Think I’m going to need to have a rather dry May.

What is beginning to let me down now it seems are my emotions. I think maybe because the marathon is so close, and yet the thought of finishing it seems so far away, that every time I think about crossing the finish line when I’m out running I cry. So I totally need to get a grip.

Photo (from my 40th last year) is an homage to the date…..


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