May 20th 2015. 8.5 miles. Kids

It’s 11 days until the marathon……

I went up to the reservoir today for what was my last longish run before the big day. After all the running last week, I was quite tired and a bit achy everywhere by the end.

I don’t have much left to say! Training virtually over. Just at the tapering stage now – only a few runs left to do and they’re all short 5-10km. So what I thought I’d do for my last few blogs was some reflecting over the last year. I tried to explain this on camera today but it was a bit windy so you couldn’t hear anything I said (Hurrah I hear you cry). I’ve cut most of that out of the video.

So today’s video is (you’ll be delighted to know) not about me at all. It’s looking back at the last year from the point of view of the children. They’ve been dragged all over the place, mostly to stand in the rain and watch me, but actually they’ve taken part in lots of events too. We’ve tried to enter them into any of the kids events that run parallel with my events, and they’ve really enjoyed it. They both now run in the junior park run most weeks and have also joined a triathlon club. So this little montage is a tribute to them, with a few wee other faces in there too…….


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  1. Not long now!… Very much thinking about the hot tub


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