May 17th 2015. 6.2 miles. Women


Today was the Glasgow Womens’ 10K. I was a bit apprehensive as legs and knee still very tired/sore respectively from Wednesday’s longy. But I’ve been persevering with Hugh’s exercises and in fact really enjoyed the run. Knee was fine and I actually ran very fast (for me. Finished miles behind everyone I knew). Paul had the kids out to cheer at the end and I stopped to give them a kiss and a cuddle. And then finished in 1 hr and 8 seconds. Lol.

But after this week I am now filled with much more optimism than this time last week. I think Hugh might be a magician.


  1. Lol. Didn’t pick up that you were only 8 seconds over the hour! I saw your lot too and shouted in a loud excited voice “I’m going for the 50!” not realising that there was a 50min pacer just ahead who of course heard me shouting. And obviously she thought I was shouting to her so she slowed down and encouraged me to just keep going, go for it, that’s good, oh okay you’re away…think she thought I’d slowed her on purpose! Whatever the case I beat her. She was miles behind – lol!

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