April 22nd 2015. 0 miles. Pimms

Well it’s amazing all the things you can do on your day off when you don’t need to go for a three hour run. After putting my knee out on Sunday in Edinburgh I am going to have to not run for a week or two. After dropping the kids at school I took Lola for a lovely walk around Kilmardinny Loch, then did some gardening before heading over to the south side for lunch and a great catch up with my friend Cicely, and possibly the world’s happiest baby Felicity.  Then home to sit in the garden drinking Pimms with Lindsay who did her run this morning. I think I may survive this period of enforced rest (although I may not survive the marathon….)

IMG_3484_2 IMG_3485_2


  1. Not to be all trainingy or anything but could you cycle or something and then call that cross-training? Just to keep you ticking over

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  2. The Pimms was good. I have just noticed your countdown widget says 1 month to go….argh!

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