March 29th 2015. 8.2 miles. Kilomathon

Anyone who organises a race to start at 8.30am is a bit mean. And when it is on the morning that the clocks go forward it’s just plain cruel. This was the Edinburgh Kilomathon, a 13.1 km run organised by the Edinburgh Marathon folk. All along the cycle path and then finished in Murrayfield Stadium which was nice. And quite fast for me too (although was still about 10 minutes behind everyone else I knew running). Left knee started playing up which is causing me some concern (usually right knee that is the problem) so I remain anxious about them…

March 25th 2015. 12 miles. Tired

Gosh. Didn’t realise how tired my legs were after our shenanigans at the weekend. Really slow run today but lovely sunny cool day. And I think it’s apparently a good idea to do some runs on tired legs to get them used to it as during the marathon they’ll be frankly knackered. Pictures are from the West Highland Way and the reservoir, both of which were on my route today

March 22nd 2015. 6.2 miles. MUD!!

So it’s my first event of the year! In fact it’s my first event since I did my knee in. And a good way to ease ourselves in….. Today was the Craufurdland Estate Muddy Trials Event in Ayrshire. There was a whole team there representing the Beatson, put together by the tireless Ross McKay. I went with my lovely colleague Nicola and her husband Ian (who I think I essentially bullied into taking part) and my old pal from Uni Vanessa (was lovely to see you!) and her friend Leigh. There was MUCH mud but actually it was great fun,…

March 21st 2015. 3.1 miles. Quick

Wee quick run today. But what a beautiful day for a run. And my legs were still working after Wednesday which was nice too. Picture is from last year’s Tough Mudder just after I’d come out of Arctic Enema. Just psyching myself up for tomorrow’s muddy run…….

March 18th 2015. 16.3 miles. Sophia

Wowsers. This is the longest run I have ever done in my whole entire life, and I was very pleased to be joined for some of it by the lovely Sophia who is the sister in charge of the Clinical Research Unit at the Beatson. I spend much of my week in CRU and it’s where we treat our patients on clinical trials. Much of the CRU, some of the staff (like Sophia) and the supporting administrative Clinical Trials Unit are funded by CRUK, the other charity I am raising money for. Today we chatted about the progress we’ve seen…

March 15th 2015. 4.8 miles. Jeff

  So this afternoon I ventured over to the South Side to go for a run with my colleague Jeff. Like me, he is a consultant at the Beatson and is also running the Edinburgh marathon in May for charity. As we ran through Pollock park, we chatted about his training and also some of the work he has done with patients to improve their general wellbeing after having treatment for cancer.

March 15th 2015. 1 mile. Holly

It’s Mothers’ Day and we started it with a brisk sprint at the Junior Parkrun in Victoria Park first thing. It’s a 2km run (I didn’t do all of it – had been instructed to record Holly’s sprint across the finish) and the kids do it most weeks. I ran with Holly this morning so she could join me in my blog. We ran also with her cousin Hayley and both girls got new PBs which was great. Jamie just missed a PB but did get his half marathon wrist band for completing 11 runs.