February 28th 2015. 11.3 miles. Enough

Sorry in advance for somewhat glum (but thankfully short) video today. Think I might be in a bit of a motivational trough. That said, managed longest run since knee injury so I’m pleased with that. Nearly drowned right enough. Picture is from end of Mull half marathon last August which I ran in hurricane Bertha – similar conditions today, except colder.  

February 22nd 2015. 4.7 miles. Jamie

Today Jamie (10) came with me on my run. We were in Glenshee for the weekend and had some lovely skiing yesterday in the sunshine, but this morning’s run was in a bit of a blizzard. Also a very slow run due to much picture taking in the lovely surroundings. I chatted to Jamie about his running which he’s started since being dragged around Scotland to support me. We were missing the poor Wallaces who were supposed to be with us but sadly couldn’t make it due to wee Jack and his broken leg – and in fact Ewan was…

February 18th 2015. 4.3 miles. Words

So I’m alternating the photos attached to each non-video posting ¬†for a wee bit variety. This one was from the end of the Glasgow half marathon in October. Not sure why I was smiling as I’d just knackered my knee and could barely move. I think I was just so relieved to be at the end. Enjoyed run tonight but somewhat ruined my lovely new blow-dried coloured and cut hair. New stretchy-hold-everything-belt-thing (not a bum bag) was a triumph – no more jiggling up and down like previous belt.

February 17th 2015. 3.3 miles. Words

Early quick run before work this morning. Left me starving all day at work but one of the lovely things about all this training is that I can eat almost anything I want. Since getting home I have spent some quality time browsing the internet for some new sportswear – over the last year I would say Lindsay and I have invested quite heavily in this department. Much of it probably unnecessary but I’m like a child when I get a new thing – it makes me want to go and try it out, so if nothing else, it keeps…

February 11th 2015. 8 miles. James!!!!

Well this is just too exciting. I have my first (and almost certainly only) celebrity guest!! He is a final year medical student, was a finalist on the Great British Bake Off, is a best selling author and thoroughly lovely chap. It’s only James Morton!!!!!! And he very kindly came and had a chat with me today about his role as an ambassador for the Beatson Cancer Charity. We had a lovely run along the trusty reservoir and to top it all off we saw a kingfisher on the banks too!

February 7th 2015. 4.2 miles. Words

No video today. Actually I think if I post a video every time I run you will undoubtedly get quite sick of me. One of those mornings. Paul on call, Holly going to Razzamatazz, we are leaving to go up north after lunch, I need to pack but also do quick run first, Jamie (after his brush with Yorkhill last weekend) not quite up to freezing run so in fact he came on his bike with me while I ran. My new Yaktrax runners came in very handy as still really icy underfoot. I’ve spent the week trying to recruit…