February 17th 2015. 3.3 miles. Words

Early quick run before work this morning. Left me starving all day at work but one of the lovely things about all this training is that I can eat almost anything I want. Since getting home I have spent some quality time browsing the internet for some new sportswear – over the last year I would say Lindsay and I have invested quite heavily in this department. Much of it probably unnecessary but I’m like a child when I get a new thing – it makes me want to go and try it out, so if nothing else, it keeps us motivated. Today I bought a stretchy belt type thing which will hold my phone, keys, gels etc without bouncing up and down which has been a problem with previous belt experiments. I also bought a wetsuit in preparation for the 10K Muddy Trial I have coming up in March which looks freezing. I suspect we will spend much of it almost fully submerged in cold mud so hopefully this will stave off the threat of hypothermia.

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  1. It is so an excuse to spend money! Spent a long time eyeing up stuff in Achilles Heel this morning (before lunching on a feast with Hubbie in Zizzi’s). Great minds…and all that. Muchos lovos x

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