February 24th 2015. 3.8 miles. Words

Early. Cold. Hailstones.

The picture is from the Ballater 10 mile run last July to remind me of running in nice weather.


  1. Caroline Bannatyne


    I remember the winter training runs well. From the “natural” exfoliation of hailstones, the legs like lead in the snow and the inability to move forward due to force of the gale blowing against me!!!!
    You are doing an amazing thing and all these training runs will be worth it.
    Much empathy coming your way.
    Please let me know how I can sponsor you.
    Caroline ( via nanny Julie 😊)


    1. Aw Caroline thank you for kind words!
      And thank you for very kind offer to sponsor me (although please don’t feel obliged!). There is a link to my virgin money fundraising page on the blog (under ‘blogroll’).
      Hilary x


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