February 7th 2015. 4.2 miles. Words

No video today. Actually I think if I post a video every time I run you will undoubtedly get quite sick of me. One of those mornings. Paul on call, Holly going to Razzamatazz, we are leaving to go up north after lunch, I need to pack but also do quick run first, Jamie (after his brush with Yorkhill last weekend) not quite up to freezing run so in fact he came on his bike with me while I ran. My new Yaktrax runners came in very handy as still really icy underfoot. I’ve spent the week trying to recruit ‘volunteers’ to appear in this blog with actually much success so I’m looking forward to sharing these with you over coming weeks.

Attached picture not from this morning but in fact from walk we did last weekend up the road at Loch Ardinning Nature Reserve.


  1. Can’t wait to do our first video! I have started looking for shorter runs/10k/half to do before, what have you got lined up?


    1. End of March Edinburgh kilomathon (13k) – you can find on EMF site. Ladies 10k may too but need to find a couple of others in between…..


    2. ooh and also the muddy trials 10K. fancy that?


  2. march 22nd. same day as aquathon. jamie doing the muddy mile


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