March 18th 2015. 16.3 miles. Sophia

Wowsers. This is the longest run I have ever done in my whole entire life, and I was very pleased to be joined for some of it by the lovely Sophia who is the sister in charge of the Clinical Research Unit at the Beatson. I spend much of my week in CRU and it’s where we treat our patients on clinical trials. Much of the CRU, some of the staff (like Sophia) and the supporting administrative Clinical Trials Unit are funded by CRUK, the other charity I am raising money for. Today we chatted about the progress we’ve seen made through the CRU over the years and the difference it’s made to patients’ lives.

After I left Sophia, I successfully managed to find the right canal (yipee) and finally made it to Kirkintilloch (and then home) – there’s a wee message for you Ewan at the end of the video showing you where we should have been running a fortnight ago!

Although as I sit writing this I essentially can’t move my legs which have entirely seized up, I am feeling a bit more optimistic about managing the marathon – especially as I will not be responsible for navigating myself around the route.

And finally there I’ve included a picture of a bird that I saw along the canal. No idea what it was – all suggestions gratefully received. It was about the size of a cormorant I think but with a white chest.


IMG_3237_2 IMG_3233

One Comment

  1. Yeeeahh! Well done on finding Kirkie! Also like the camelbak look, it is ok to run with isn’t it? We have to do that soon


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