March 11th 2015. 6.1 miles. Jamie2

Been a wee bit tricky getting out this week as I’ve been away with work until late last night. Lovely day shopping/lunching with mum for my birthday but meant I didn’t get a run in. So Jamie (on his bike) and I popped up to the reservoir tonight while Holly was at footie and Paul still at work. After pouring all day it had actually cleared up and was really still – a lovely evening for a run. Until we got half way round the second lap and realised it was pitch black and we couldn’t see a thing. Hopeful…

March 8th 2015. 5 miles. Cheshire

I’ve been in Birmingham all weekend for a work-related meeting and now have come over to Cheshire as I need to spend the next 2 days writing questions for the Medical Oncology exit exam 😦 Having been cooped up inside a hotel for the last two days it was great to get some fresh air on a lovely evening. The picture was an aqueduct I ran past in the fading light.

March 4th 2015. 10 miles. Ewan

Today I was joined by the lovely Ewan for what was supposed to be a gentle 8 mile run along the canal to Kirkintilloch, where we’d left a car, and planned to have a very nice pub lunch to celebrate our exertions. Mmmmmm. What actually happened was that we (my fault entirely – I had supposedly planned the route) ran in fact along the wrong canal. During this run (while we remained entirely oblivious to landmarks clearly telling us we were running in the wrong direction) we did manage to chat about our progress towards the marathon, and also about…

March 3rd 2015. 4.3 miles. Pants

Was too snowy for a run this morning so went out this evening instead. Actually after pouring all evening it was relatively dry but cold and dark. Run was somewhat hampered though by terribly terribly uncomfortable pants. Lesson learned. Looking forward to having some company on my run tomorrow with Ewan. Today’s pic is one from last week’s snowy run with Jamie – even colder but much nicer surroundings.