March 11th 2015. 6.1 miles. Jamie2

Been a wee bit tricky getting out this week as I’ve been away with work until late last night. Lovely day shopping/lunching with mum for my birthday but meant I didn’t get a run in.

So Jamie (on his bike) and I popped up to the reservoir tonight while Holly was at footie and Paul still at work. After pouring all day it had actually cleared up and was really still – a lovely evening for a run. Until we got half way round the second lap and realised it was pitch black and we couldn’t see a thing. Hopeful though that things will start getting easier soon as the evenings get longer and lighter. Mind you that means the marathon is getting closer……

IMG_3192 IMG_3190 IMG_3196_2 IMG_3186_2 IMG_3188

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