March 4th 2015. 10 miles. Ewan

Today I was joined by the lovely Ewan for what was supposed to be a gentle 8 mile run along the canal to Kirkintilloch, where we’d left a car, and planned to have a very nice pub lunch to celebrate our exertions. Mmmmmm.

What actually happened was that we (my fault entirely – I had supposedly planned the route) ran in fact along the wrong canal. During this run (while we remained entirely oblivious to landmarks clearly telling us we were running in the wrong direction) we did manage to chat about our progress towards the marathon, and also about the cystic fibrosis charity that Ewan is raising money for.

We also chatted a lot about being lost and not knowing which direction to go in etc etc so all in all it makes for rather amusing viewing. On a positive note, despite running much further than we meant to and not having any lunch at all, at least the sun was out which makes a pleasant change to freezing, pouring, windy rain/snow which seems to have been the norm of late.

Ooh and in fact it seems that I have run essentially a marathon since Saturday (today is Wednesday). Clearly I won’t have 5 days to complete the marathon in May but somehow this is making me feel quite positive.


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    Lovely day out with Hilary, running along the wrong canal to Sighthill…

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  2. Still laughing about it!

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  3. lol. am such a fanny


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