April 19th 2015. 10 miles. Edinburgh

Well bugger me but Edinburgh is hilly. Travelled through last night to stay with my cousin Lyndsay (pictured) who ran with me today. Lovely scenic route through Edinburgh but it seemed that the entire run was uphill (and they were steep!). Also running with us was Lyndsay’s brother-in-law Ewan, and a few previous blog guests were there too – Ewan, Jeff and Vanessa.

After we had finished, the kids took part in the junior races. Uncle Ewan terribly kindly became Holly’s ‘accompanying adult’ in her mini (1.5k) race as my pesky knee (only just been injected) was playing up again, and then Ellie and Jamie did really well in their junior (2.5k) race. Really a great day for all.

Concern however growing once more about knee but I feel as if we are on the homeward stretch now……


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  1. Good day, here’s to a speedy recovery for us both!


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