June 20th 2015. 11 miles. Tough Mudder!!


So this is a wee bonus blog. My year really finished with the marathon, but we’d always planned to do this just for fun(!).

And what fun it was. There were 13 of us all together, made up of oncologists, surgeons, spouses and friends. Many of us hadn’t met before but as always with Tough Mudder, by the end we were BFFs.

We had great support from family and friends. The kids took part in the mini-mudder event (more of that later), and once again Dad seemed to run practically the entire course co-ordinating the filming/photographing. I took my trusty headcam too, which Jeff Downie, just like last year, kindly took charge of, and recorded some great films. As a result we had hours of footage which took me half the night to compress into a watchable movie – link to the final version at the end of the blog.

After the event, many of us went back to the marvellous Red Squirrel campsite, owned very handily by the parents of one of our team mates, Ian, which just happens to be down the road from Drumlanrig Castle (where Tough Mudder took place). They put on a huge barbecue for us all and it was a great end to a great, great day.

I’m not sure many of us can move really any parts of our bodies now, and we are covered in cuts and bruises, but we’re already planning next year’s team – volunteers welcome…….

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