May 31st. 26.2 miles. Marathon!

So it is done!

The forecast was truly appalling, and while the promised rain didn’t materialise, unfortunately the terribly strong wind did. Which blew against us for the last 8 miles of the run.

There were a few of us running; me, Lindsay, Ewan, Jeff (White), Jeff (Downie) and Chris. Managed to meet up with everyone before the start which was great, and also met the lovely White family.

And we had such great support throughout the whole run which was just magic. Indeed I certainly don’t think I would have finished without it. The Wallaces, the Gordons, the Whites, the Thorpes, the Heaneys and of course the Glens/Grigors. They braved the freezing wind for hours and cheered us all the way. My mum cycled beside me the last two miles when I thought I couldn’t go any further and my dad cycled about 40 miles making sure he was there every step of the way (which is actually  good training for when we take part in ‘Cycle to Skye’ together in September).

And lovely Paul, Jamie and Holly who have been with me since the beginning, without fail, come rain or shine (usually rain). Thank you. I love you.

So I finished in 5 hours and 3 minutes. Just outside my target time of 5 hours (I have a talent for finishing everything just outside my target). Wept at the end like a fanny and I have been essentially unable to move for the 24 hours since finishing. But I am thrilled. I genuinely can’t believe I’ve done it. And the total on the fundraising page is currently sitting just short of £8500. Unbelievable. My initial target was £1000 so there’s one that I’ve managed to beat. And that’s thanks to all of you who have been following this blog, and cheering me on all the way. A huge thank you to you too.

Now, where is my bike……..


  1. Fantastic effort!!! Well done.
    You were passing loads of people on the video, or was that some cunning editing?! Most importantly it looks like you enjoyed it, and what a fundraising total!
    Much love. X

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    1. Aw thanks Mel x


  2. Your video is awesome


  3. Archie & Maureen

    Congratulations, a superb achievement. Said your smile would see you through to the finish!!! Sincere Best Wishes to you and your family. Maureen & Archie McGregor

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  4. Edwin Lucy White

    Well done Hilary Great to meet you Enjoyed the video Ed Lucy [White]

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    1. Thanks! Was great to meet you too. I’m just sorry we missed you at the end!


  5. Claudia

    Well done Hilary, you’ve done amazing. Great blog and very emotional : ) xx


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