April 15th 2015. 16.3 miles. Birds

Another longy today. Back along the canal to Torrance. Today I saw lots of wild birds. Apart from the usual ducks/pigeons/robins etc that you always see, I saw two herons (one was right beside me but flew to the other side of the canal before I managed to get a picture of it), a couple of goldfinches and would you believe Kali and Lindsay I saw your two parakeets!! They were too fast flying to get a picture but bright green and definitely there. If I’m honest I didn’t 100% believe you saw them but there they were. Wild parakeets in East Dunbartonshire.

Just I was getting to the very end of the run the kids ran down to meet me which was lovely – the last 200 yards is always the worst.



  1. Well done marathon mum


    1. thanking you marathon dad


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