April 1st 2015. 6.7 miles. Katie

Went for a run with Katie today – a great friend from Uni days who has very handily moved round the corner. She is on maternity leave just now having recently had her second little girl and is just getting back into running. For any of you who know Katie you will be laughing at this – she is a proper athlete and has done many marathons, triathlons etc etc so I was a little bit anxious about going together. We actually meant to record a wee video but were too busy chatting. Don’t think I’ve managed to talk for a full 11k before but it was lovely. And we were back before we knew it.

It’s interesting because I’ve always been a lone runner, but I think I would maybe go a bit mad in this run up to the marathon if I was always running by myself. One thing doing this blog has made me realise is that company is great. It’s a long long slog and having someone with you really helps. So thanks Katie, and indeed everyone who is going on little bits of this journey with me.

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