1. Very well done Hipsy Tips. I had tears in my eyes watching and listening – both in sadness and also laughter when you lost Lola….can we see her next time please?!

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  2. Hee hee Rowan – will very much try to get her into the next one. Looking forward to a Glen/Wallace (including dogs) collaboration……


  3. kirsty abu

    you are some girl, speak soon x

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  4. Amazing Hilary, and yes I would also like some Lola action! X

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  5. Ally Mitchell

    Amazing Hilary. Very moving. Very inspirational. Well done. XX

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  6. Sandie Pow

    Fantastic, as a GP to some of your Ayrshire patients I know they (and their familys) appreciate your care and attention. Good luck with the marathon x

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    1. Thank you Sandie!


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