August 13th 2015. Cycle 3. 11.2 miles. Clips abandoned for the time being

Well it’s been a lovely summer holiday but not very much in the way of cycling preparation has been happening. We set off for Skye 6 weeks today and I have done two cycles thus far. Shit.

So tonight Paul and I set off with the plan of heading off in the direction of Killearn – lots of cyclists seem to do this and it seemed like a good idea. And after the success of my foray into the world of clippy shoes during the summer on the cycle path it seemed sensible to try them for the first time on the road when I had another adult with me. And I did very well for the first 100 yards until I came to a junction. And then I totally fell off. Flat on my face on the road. Fortunately unwitnessed and no cars coming, so relatively unscathed apart from a grazed knee (and wounded pride).

We returned home in shame and took the clippy pedals off and then headed off again with normal pedals and trainers and everything was much improved. And it was a really gorgeous night in fact. We didn’t get that far and I’m still struggling with reaching the brakes – I think I just have very teeny hands, so I’m still rubbish coming downhill, and don’t even talk to me about my perineum, but all in all at least nothing is broken and I’m pleased to have increased my training runs by 50%.

Oh and the new fundraising page is now set up – link is in the ‘blogroll’ section.


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  1. Och sorry about your fall. No facial injuries…?


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