So I’m setting up a blog! (I think).

My name is Hilary and I have never read a blog, let alone thought about setting one up before. Bear with me if this is hopeless. All tips welcome.

Last year I turned 40 and to mark the event (what was I thinking) I decided it would be a good idea to try and get fit and maybe train for a marathon. I think running a marathon is something I’ve always felt you should do once in your life (like writing a book (about what I know not) which is also on my ‘to do’ list).  I had run the odd 10K over the years (always very slowly) and it always took what seemed to me to be an unfeasibly long time to train for them. I have friends who seem to decide to run a 10K at the weekend and just go and do it. I was always very happy for them, but if I’m totally honest there was always a tiny bit of me that wanted to stab them in the eye. I live in Glasgow and the women’s 10K is a bit of an institution here. Thousands of women take part each year and the atmosphere is great. It always takes place in May, and if I want to be able to complete it without the need for a stretcher, I have had to start running in the January. I once (pre-children) ran a half marathon but the thought of managing this again seemed entirely impossible. So why on earth am I thinking about a marathon……

To cut a long story short (more of that later), I am basically now in the middle of a year long running feat, raising some money for charity along the way, which should hopefully finish with me doing the Edinburgh Marathon on May 31st this year. What I want to do here however is touch on the reason for the blog. And it’s basically to say that really anyone can do this. I am one of the worst runners I know and will probably be last in the marathon (if I finish at all), but if I can do this, anyone can. I have had my trusty running buddy Lindsay with me throughout much of this year and we thought (actually she thought) it would be a good idea to log our progress as we prepare for the big day.

So here is the blog. We are both making videos while we run (I made my first one today) and I will be updating this page (hopefully regularly). If we can encourage anyone to think about doing some running that would be magic. If you can’t imagine that for a second, but fancy donating to our charity that would be magic too. There will be links to the charity and fundraising websites here when I work out how to add them, and I’ll also go into a bit more detail about why we’ve chosen the charities we have. I’m also hoping to put up some photos of our endeavours so far.

Thank you for visiting my page. Please come back again soon.


  1. Well done missus xx

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  2. Hello!! Blogging eh? Well it is the countdown to the marathon now. I look forward to the hot tub. I don’t have a website as such so put my fundraising page down as my website, hope you don’t mind.
    I know there is a long way to go but I would just like to say a big ‘well done us’ right at the start!

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  3. clairemacaulay

    Brilliant idea Hilary. Can’t wait to follow your progress and yell encouragement from the sidelines!
    I might even dust off my old blog with your inspiration. Cx

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  4. Catriona Padmanabhan

    I’m looking forward to reading all your posts already!

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